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By Dr. Leo Rebello
President, AIDS Alternativa International, Bombay
By Dr. Leo Rebello
President, AIDS Alternativa International, Bombay

The acronym AIDS became a haunting part of the world lexicon in 1981 due to the clever ploy of ‘illuminati’. This multi-billion dollar fraud is based on two fabrications: that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by the HIV. HIV positive response means nothing of any relevance to health: it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, measles, influenza, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis ... : over sixty different conditions.

CDC or Centre for Disease Control, instead of recognizing its main role to control diseases, created a spectre by reporting that five gay men in LA have a rare pneumonia found in patients with failing immune systems (June 5, 1981). To the frustrated researchers of the "war on cancer" program of the United States government, AIDS became a new play game. Institutions for cancer research overnight became institutions for AIDS research and the frustrated cancer researchers became AIDS researchers, transferring to "AIDS science" the idea of viruses as a cause.

In May 1983, Human T-Cell leukemia virus was identified in patients with AIDS; later renamed human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. On December 7, 1995, FDA approved first protease inhibitor, drugs that cripple. On December 30, 1996, Dr. David Ho(ax), who pioneered HIV/AIDS inhibitors was named 'Time Man of the Year' thus proving the Orwellian prophesy. On January 31, 1999 "proof" was released showing that the AIDS virus spread from chimpanzees to people in Africa, when it was the contaminated black blood, sent to Africa, which was the cause. On January 28, 2003, President Bush proposed $15 billion in funding over the next five years for an Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief - this is the second phase to spread AIDS through drugs, as per the well-laid out plan in 'Useless Eaters' document. March 24, 2004, FDA approved an oral HIV test that gives results in 20 minutes. ELISA, Western Blot, CD4 count, T-Cells Test continue being big business. Ullu bananeka dhanda (Hindi, meaning business of fooling the world) as one pimp in Bombay rightly commented. In March 2005, New York City health officials identified several patients infected with a rare strain of highly drug resistant HIV. In other words, drugs have all along been useless. In September 2005 patent for AZT expired; FDA approved the first generic versions so that this carcinogen can be made more affordable, so that more people can be systematically killed. In the meantime, the statisticians at WHO, UNAIDS, World Bank played havoc with cooked up statistics to frighten the world by clubbing deaths due to 60 odd diseases as AIDS.

Create scare, sell medicines, weaken people, make them dependent on drugs and rake in profit. That is the kind of nonsense modern medicine is.

Look at this announcement of the Global Health Council, for example: "HIV can be prevented only if there is a reliable and consistent supply of more than 120 commodities, which include HIV test kits, high quality ARV drugs, medicines for treating opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives and consumables". Do you need more proof to expose the business agenda of the sickness industry?

For 25 years now the medicine mafia has been fooling the world in the name of HIV/AIDS and for over 50 years in the name of Cancer. In both, viruses and vaccines have not been found and will never be found, because the whole premise of modern medicine of looking at a disease is distorted. It is an affront to human intelligence, that inspite of tremendous growth in ICT, we have been hoodwinked for the last 25 years in the name of HIV/AIDS, defying the logic and stark facts which go to prove that AIDS is a racket.

Since 1981 it is being orchestrated that AIDS is a deadly disease and usually caused by sexual contacts; that HIV is a causative organism which penetrates into helper T-cells of the immune system; that the said virus paralyses the immune system of the human body and destroys the genetic material of T-cells and this damage is permanent. This is total rubbish.

For better explanation refer to Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani chapters of this book, in particular. AIDS is called Oja-kshaya in Ayurveda, Vettai Noi in Siddha and Al-Zabool in Unani. Also, the scientific explanations given by Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani are more foolproof and medicines very effective and affordable as against the Allopathic cheating business.

Dr. Hulda Clark in her book, The Cure for HIV and AIDS, avers that intestinal fluke and benzene weaken the thymus and consequently cannot direct the T-cells to fight and it is not difficult to kill this parasite and all its stages. "Infact", she writes, "the intestinal fluke and all its millions of eggs and microscopic stages can be killed in 6 days with an herbal recipe, or in 2 hours with electricity". She gives over 75 case histories of HIV positive turned negative within 6 weeks with Zapper, in her above book. Ayurvedic, Herbal, Homeopathic, Siddha, Unani medicines too cure "deadly AIDS" within one to three months. As against that, the modern medicine mafia says that you have got to live with the disease and keep taking ARVs. So, it is very clear what is more scientific - the modern medicine or traditional and natural medicine.

The 59th World Health Assembly met in Geneva, 22-27 May 2006 and, inter alia, adopted a resolution WHA59.11 to include nutrition as an integral part of the overall response to HIV/AIDS. This is what I have been agitating for, for long. In pursuance of my conviction that Diet plays the most important role in diseases and wellness, I will be once again conducting two capacity building workshops (a) on Nutrition for AIDS and (b) on Yoga for AIDS, at the XVI International AIDS Conference, to be held in Toronto, from 13 to 18 August, 2006 and this book should serve as an ultimate guide to all those who are lost in the AIDS maze.

However, to put an end to the AIDS racket, as also Cancers, Autism and other debilitating diseases, we need to:
discard the pseudo-science called modern medicine with its faulty paradigms, false research, blatant profit mongering and promotion and pushing of synthetic drugs into our bodies.
(b) Stop production, sale and distribution of vaccines containing contaminated serum, carcinogens and toxins. Instead give boost to safer Alternative Vaccines.
(c) Recognise that AIDS is a condition and is not caused by heterosexual sex but by several factors.
(d) Recognise the adverse role of suppressive treatment, malnourishment, and toxic ART drugs behind AIDS deaths.
(e) Adopt holistic healing methods as outlined in this comprehensive book.

The above is the Preface to the 4th Edition to Dr. Leo Rebello's popular book AIDS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE which will be released soon. Those wishing to order copies may get in touch with him on