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Rebuttal To CHOP Doc's Radio Broadcast
From: Kreider, Susan
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2014 6:35 PM
To: ''
Subject: Editorial by CHOP MD advocating elimination of religious and philosophical vaccination exemptions by Parents

Dear Radio Producers,

Sunday morning I had a ‘kitchen moment’ while listening to a rerun of your weekly health news program, The Pulse. Unlike your so-called ‘driveway moment,’ this consists of being in the kitchen and yelling “Idiots!!” at the radio at the top of my lungs, in response to the female CHOP doctor who believes “for the Greater Good,” Parents should not be able to choose whether their children are vaccinated.

Does 4 years of medical school and at least as many years of residency make her God, not a doctor? Vaccines are not without risk. My (hypothetical) child should risk being crippled by injection of toxic substances in order to (hypothetically) protect your child who cannot receive vaccines? Perhaps your child was damaged in utero because you foolishly chose to vaccinate while pregnant. Of course, vaccines for pregnant woman have never been tested because it is unethical to test vaccines on pregnant women. Doesn’t it therefore follow that a woman must be a risk-taker if she accepts vaccines while her fetus is most vulnerable? Does the female doctor even remember when we used to be concerned about even drinking coffee while pregnant?

If my perfect child becomes damaged after receiving vaccines to protect your defective child who cannot receive vaccines, does my vaccine-injured child get written off as collateral damage? Who will pay for the medical bills and additional care? Our broken dreams? Since manufacturers cannot be sued for defective products, why would I want to take such a chance? What makes the industry care if their products are defective? Doesn’t that, in fact, offer opportunity to sell more products to treat vaccine-induced maladies?

It is rather like the folks who protest a woman’s right to choose. Are they going to step up to the plate to adopt the unwanted child? I seriously doubt it. They should mind their damn business and worry about their own souls.

Prior to vaccinations I was forced to receive in 1990-91 as a nursing student, I was the picture of health. Seventeen years later I settled with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program because –more likely than not—the subsequent sensory variant of Guillain Barré Syndrome I developed left me crippled. People ask me if I have post-polio syndrome. I am happy to educate them that vaccines caused me to be crippled. It is the only satisfaction I have from the experience.

If CHOP doc is stupid enough to volunteer for an annual flu shot so that she can maintain her employment at CHOP, she can be my guest –I hope she does! She can have my dose as well.



Susan Kreider MS, RN, CPC
Surgical Clinical Nurse Reviewer
ACS National Surgical Quality Improvement Program
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Clinical Effectiveness Quality Improvement
3535 Market Street, Ste. 50
Philadelphia, PA 19104
tel.: 215.662.6185
fax.: 215.662.7399